Hey guys, I'm giving away five $25 vouchers towards black eyeglasses at Firmoo.com! You can apply these vouchers towards any of the glasses on this page (this hipster frame is only $29, and these cateyes, pictured below, are $36). Firmoo has gifted me my own pair of glasses last September that I still currently wear, and I love them!

They're the only reason I'm able to walk around and not bump into anything (yup, I'm blind).
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Giveaway closes on July 23, 2014. The vouchers are valid until July 30, 2014.

I've recently moved back to Langley and have been lazing my way around, devouring any and all food in sight. Really missed my grandma's cooking. I have never had to donate so many clothes at one time; it was a relief to have less but sad to see some stuff go. I'll be heading out to the Pemberton Music Festival in a week so I'm pumped up about that! I've also quit Topshop and was hired at Brandy Melville, so more on that later. Brandy's gonna be chill and I just can't wait to meet the entire team (such a small staff, so different from Topshop, I love it already).

Stay tuned for more giveaways and more of my ramblings.




SHOES, SOCKS, SKORT topshop / WINDBREAKER thrifted / NICKELBOARD boardroom (west 4th)

I'm gonna miss this place. Avry and I decorated the kitchen with Archie comic strips that we found funny and out-of-place when viewed alone. Our first apartment, his first time moving out of his neighbourhood, first time paying bills. He handled all the bills and learned to cook and he's a big kid now!

We both collected some cool posters, records, miscellaneous items, and a lot of thrifted clothing throughout this year. I also broke a couple blinds and the doorknob but our landlord was very chill about it.

Wish I could say I'm a Betty, but most likely I'm a Veronica. Maybe I'm Midge.

Maybe I'm always gonna be A Martian Princess.

Wow I'm really blurry. Hey, it's hard taking photos of yourself on autotimer with autofocus!

This dope shower curtain was from Bacci's (South Granville), on sale. The tikiman is Avry's, and the rubber ducky is from #207, when she decided to go organic and left a box of cosmetics and random items in the lobby.

Goodbye, Birch and 12th! We had good times together but it's time to move on. Summer 2014's at our doorstep and our lease is ending. There will always be Archie comics in my memories of you -- retro, oversaturated technicoloured memories of our first apartment. #sentimental



GLITTER TANK unif / JEAN JACKET topshop / KIMONO urban behaviour

My grandmother and I went shopping a couple weeks ago and she bought me this floor-length tropical kimono from Urban Behaviour for $20. It is such an amazing colour, perfect for summer, and also has a unique parrot-and-palm print (not just floral, girl).

I'm moving back to Langley for the summer at the end of June. It has been such a great experience living with my boyfriend this year, through all the ups and downs, and it has changed me into a more active person. I'm relieved to not have to worry about dishes and laundry for the two months I'm in Langley. Then it's back to Vancouver for my last year of school (if I don't fail any courses that is)!

Avry was cleaning out the easel one day and took these photos. Yup, we used it to hold cigarette butts. We are terrible people, desecrating the sanctity of art. On the bright side, we might actually paint something on the easel now.

I'll miss living out here and being so close to everything: downtown Vancouver, the beach, UBC, Granville Island, EVERYTHING. And Avry, of course. I'll be transiting quite a lot back and forth.

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